Zcoin —
improving Bitcoin's privacy

Improving Bitcoin

When Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper, he proved that the double-spending problem could be solved through a distributed payment network. Since then, there has been a large body of digital currency research which allows for significant improvements to be made on top of Bitcoin.

Our Vision

Zcoin has implemented the Zerocoin Protocol, one of the most groundbreaking academic developments in Bitcoin research. The Zerocoin Protocol uses Zero-Knowledge proofs to guarantee complete financial privacy and anonymity. The original Zerocoin paper can be found here

Our Team

Poramin Insom Co-founder

Poramin Insom created what was the world's 4th most valuable cryptocurrency in February 2014. He is also the world's first person to implement stealth addresses in QT-Wallets, improving cryptocurrency anonymity. He earned a masters degree in Information Security from Johns Hopkins University.

Gary Le Co-founder

Gary invented a p2p atomic cross chain protocol for Bitcoin-denominated altcoin options. He studied at Dartmouth College, and was a recepient of the Thiel Fellowship: 20 Under 20 grant, started by billionaire Facebook investor Peter Thiel.

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